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Capucine Andrade 


About Me

My History

I am a certified therapist in Emotion and Behaviour Analysis. I work with adults and young adults who are living with old or recent traumas, who face blocking or destabilising circumstances or experience suffering and pain in their daily lives.

After graduating from Sciences Po Paris, I worked in the City for more than a decade in agri-commodity trade finance. I have always been passionate about resilience and obsessed with the singular paths taken by each one of us to (re)gain freedom, autonomy and balance. Those were rich years in terms of human contacts. However, the history of my peers, their body language when negotiations were challenging, the difficulties they were experiencing or their life choices often interested me much more than our business discussions.

I trained as an Emotion and Behaviour Analysis at the AEMD school and change of career path in 2019.


My Approach

More than any intellectual introspection, a deep work on our emotions is the key to strong inner changes that can translate into changes of behaviour. 

I use the Emotion and Behaviour Analysis therapeutic model, which aims at ensuring the ability of the client to function in autonomy in the short-term. On average a client attends 25 sessions at regular intervals (every one or two weeks).

Sessions last between one hour to one and a half hour. Together we will  undertake a thorough analytical work and aim at  (re) connect yourself with  the emotions that accompany any trauma, blockages and suffering from your past that are still resonating today.

I also have special a interest in High Potential Individuals and Highly Sensitive clients. I am trained to detect and explore with them their cognitive and emotional functioning using a variety of tools.

I adhere to Elodie Crepel's trained professionals ethical framework. I am supervised and and committed to educated myself in my field.

My Office

I offer psychotherapy in Nothing Hill in a quiet, peaceful room. This is safe space where everything can be said and remains confidential.

I also work remotely with clients based outside of the United Kingdom by phone or visio depending on your needs.

I am available to meet you by appointment. The first session is exploratory and is free of charge.

Please reach out for further information.

11 Palace Court Road

W2 4LP - London

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Thanks you.

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